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2003 - 2008
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The Web of Life

2003 - 2008

<The Web of Life> derives from the title of a book by Fritjof Capra, who is a philosopher of science.
Life can be defined as interactions in which cell-constituting molecules, organs, individuals, species,
and natural environment make continuously on a variety of levels like a closely woven net.
Frit of Capra warns that human beings are threatening the ecosystem including them,
when they separate themselves from nature and give priority to themselves, forgetting the extensive relationship
of the phenomenon of life.

In <The Web of Life>, I showed the interrelation of many elements in our life.
I made a structure by diagonally piling up sticks of the same length which connect a point and a point.
This way of piling up, which can be extended widely or lifted high, has some advantages.
The structure can be made to fix points firmly with sticks placed at various angles, while dividing its weight into
different points, and seen as a different shape at different angles.
By piling up sticks with the web of life in this sculpture, I tried to express the tightly woven interactions of many
elements which we cannot easily feel.