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On Warping
2010, gallery space
  Everybody's Dream
2009, gallery factory
  The Web of Life
2003 - 2008
  Simply Complex
2003 - 2004
1996 - 2010
  Piling up
1996 - 2003
  Early Works
1986 - 1998

1996 - 2005

<Piling up> and <Hinging> are like twins. The work of <Piling Up> substituted the previous work which involved the heavy weight of plaster and limited time with thin sheets of paper. However, it introduced the concept of long time.
Compared with the work of <Piling Up>, <Hinging> spatially extends unitary elements of hinges
that constitute a structure according to a series of rules.
By connecting hinges, which I made and look like simple machine parts, I create figures which resemble a complicated
coastline, islands grouped together, or a flower petal.
The work represents the complexity that repetition of simple rules leads to complicatedness or the butterfly effect created
by the principle of power in which mutually connected nodes pull or push each other.